Information systems development

Get your own information system!

Custom-made information system with no initial investment

You can afford it

Pay only for what you actually use. No up-front risk investment into development or licenses. Regular payments of operating expenses which are determined by how much the system has helped your own company, i.e. typically earned or saved your money. Your expenses are thus constantly under your control.

To use your own information system you don't have to have an IT department. Let us worry about IT. Simply use the system.

Rest assured knowing that your balance is always positive - from the very beginning and anytime after.

Overcome your competition

Custom-made information system will perform your administrative tasks instead of you and will bring the quality of your work onto a brand new level. It will:

  • Record any data and ensure the quality and security of the data.
  • Produce any complex outputs from the data and publish them to your employees or business partners.
  • Ensure consistent, perfect quality of your outputs.
  • Ensure adherence to your own business rules.
Focus on what is really important for your business.

User requirements analysis

Bridge the gap between system users and developers

Development is based on analysis

Analysis specifies the functionality of the system being created and so becomes the most important document of an information system implementation project because it is an agreement between the customer and the developer on what exactly is the subject of the project. Correct analysis is crucial for the success of the project. To achieve the purpose of the analysis, the project must:

  • Set up project processes right.
  • Choose the best power users.
  • Ensure feedback from development.
Get the key to a successful development project.

Get the analysis right

Correct execution of user requirements analysis requires expert knowledge and skills. Faulty analysis is all too common in reality.

  • We have developed a tool for producing analytical documentation which we share with the open source software community.
  • We speak the language of the system users.
  • We elicit the real user requirements with their actual priorities.
  • We can write the functional specification of the system and together with system users and developers make sure it is correct, exact, complete, consistent and able to be implemented.
Only correct analysis can lead the project onto the right way.


Find out the real status of your project

Be informed

Tests determine which system functionalities are complete. The ratio of complete functions is the only objective measure of progress on a software development project.

  • We can design the best test strategy for your project and execute it.
  • We can write the manual test scripts based on analysis.
  • We can execute manual testing of your system on agreed dates. We properly document the test runs.
Testing is the only way to find out when will the project end.


We have developed a tool enabling automated testing of database applications which we share with the open source software community. We can develop automated test for your system, too.

  • Automation decreases the total work involved in testing.
  • Increase real test coverage.
  • Enhance quality of test outputs.
  • Cut the release cycle, possibly in the order of magnitude.
  • Substantially cut the feedback loop of a programmer, increasing the quality of the system.
Automation brings higher quality for less work.