Quality management of software deliveries


Verify operational readiness of your new system

Measure the real progress of your software development project

Discover the facts

Tests establish which system features are done. The ratio of features done is the only objective measure of progress of a software development project.

  • We will design the best test strategy for your project and execute it.
  • We will write manual test scripts based on analysis.
  • We will execute manual testing of your system. We will properly and verifiably document the test runs.
Testing is the only way to find out:
  • what will happen when you start using the system,
  • when the system will be ready for deployment.


We have created a tool for tests automation of database applications, that we share with the open source software community. We will develop automated tests for your system, too.

  • Automation decreases the total work effort of testing.
  • Increase real test coverage.
  • Enhance the quality of test outputs.
  • Cut the release cycle, possibly in the order of magnitude.
  • Substantially cut the feedback loop of programmers.
Automation brings higher quality for less work.

User requirements analysis

Bridge the gap between system users and developers

The whole project is based on analysis

Analysis is the key document of a project. It specifies the functionality of the system as a contract between the customer and the developer. Correct execution of user requirements analysis requires expert knowledge and skills. Defective analysis is a surprisingly pervasive cause of project failures.

  • We are providing a tool for creating functional prototypes and for writing use cases.
  • We speak the language of the system users.
  • We will elicit the real user requirements with their actual priorities.
  • We will write functional specification of the system and together with system users and developers make sure it is correct, exact, complete, consistent and that it can be implemented.
Only correct analysis can lead the project onto the right way.

Custom software development

Let us solve your specific needs

We will develop and deploy software based on your requirements. We can operate the software for you. Our implementation priorities are:

  • Seamless operation with no human intervention required.
  • Outstanding user experience.
  • Quality with no compromises.
  • Easy maintenance and extensibility of the system.


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