Quality management of software deliveries

Do your systems fulfill all your expectations?

  • Or do you cope with:
  • bugs,
  • missing or non-compliant functionality,
  • inappropriate user experience,
  • unreliability,
  • unresponsiveness,
  • high operating costs,
  • missing interfaces between systems?

Take full advantage of software systems in your company

We know how and we are ready to help.

Manual testing of user interfaces

We will verify that the system fulfills your requirements

  • We will perform manual testing of your system according to test scenarios.
  • Each test run will be properly documented.
  • We will perform error root cause analysis.

Test scenarios writing

We will ensure that the tests will include all your requirements

  • We will write test scenarios based on analytical specification.
  • Test scenarios are unambiguous, comprehensible and contain all the necessary steps.

Development of automated tests of system interfaces

We will prepare an executable specification of the system functionality

  • Test new versions with a push of a button - get labor-free regression tests.
  • Test steps wording is simple enough for anyone to understand. The tests become a detailed and executable specification.

User requirements analysis

We will specify the system functionality so that it fulfills your requirements

  • We will elicit real user requirements according to their actual priorities.
  • We will write functional specification of the system:
    • Data model
    • User interface: screens, forms, data fields, actions
    • System interfaces: operations, data structures
    • Algorithms, validations
  • We are providing tools for creating functional prototypes and for writing use cases.

Setting up project for success

We will set up the project organization and process 
so that your project runs correctly and aims for a successful completion.

  • Evaluate key aspects of the project and make sure you follow best practices.
  • Define project success criteria based on your needs, not those of your supplier.
  • Get real results from the beginning of the project.


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